Dave Miller

Profile Updated: October 27, 2009
Residing In: Yankee Hill, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Signe Miller
Homepage: www.millersbakehouse.com
Occupation: baker
Children: no children
Yes! Attending Reunion

I feel old. Thirty years of life to account for since high school graduation. I remember when I would travel during and after college, and I would mention that I was from North Dakota, the response was always "I've never met anyone from North Dakota". That allowed me to make up all sorts of stories about things like Prairie Gorillas wandering the plains in search of small children and house-hold pets. Sometimes they would comment that I didn't talk like the people in the FARGO movie, and I would have to explain that that's because my parents aren't from there. And most assumed that I grew up on a farm. So I would have to explain that my dad taught at the university there, that I grew up in the "big city".

We've probably all been through conversations something like this. Anyway, I've finally lived somewhere longer than I lived in Grand Forks. It took awhile. I've lived in California for 17 years. I've grown to love it here, and I'm hunkering down; planting gardens,fruit trees, landscaping. I'm married to the love of my life, who also happens to be the hardest working elementary school teacher in the world.

I've been baking for what seems like forever. I opened the bakery 17 years ago. I've cut back quite a bit so I can keep my body from falling apart and reach my goal of still being a baker when I'm 90 years old. When we see eachother at our 80th reunion, I'll let you know if I've made it.

The last dream I had of Grand Forks was about a pick up basketball game that was supposed to be outside of the high school, but it was really outside of Viking Elementary. The guys in the game were people I've known at different times in my life. And I dominated. So, I'm comforted to know that I can dominate a basketball game, if only in my dreams.

School Story:

I remember a track meet in the snow in West Fargo. Waiting in the heated bus until the last possible minute before our events were up. It was freezing.

Extreme boredom in the classroom waiting for the extracurriculars after school. That's really what I remember. Kind of sad, but there it is.